Goals & Objectives
Target Area
Target Audience
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Project Sustainability
Site Selection Criteria

Site Selection Criteria

  1. The worksite should be approximately 100 to 200 lineal feet in length along a small stream, drain, or lakeshore.
  2. The worksite should be visible to the general public. The goal of the workshop(s) is to promote the use of soft engineering practices. Ideal locations include parks, public property, natural areas, etc.
  3. The worksite should be readily accessible to workshop participants and equipment. The area should be accessible to small construction equipment (loader/backhoe, skid-steer loader, etc.), the 40+/- workshop participants, and have material storage capabilities.
  4. Maximum four (4) foot high streambank or shoreline.
  5. Maximum three (3) foot water depth at water's edge.
  6. Relatively sunny area - open overhead canopy.
  7. The worksite should be close to the source of the plant material.

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